Update 1.3.5

Hello everyone! I'm excited to share the devlog for version 1.3.5 of my game. I've been working on this project for quite some time and I'm thrilled to announce that I've made significant changes to improve the gameplay performance and add new features.

One of the most significant changes is the redesign of the project file structure, which I believe will allow me to work more efficiently on the game in the future. I've also made some changes to the appearance of the game page on itch.io to make it more user-friendly and easier to navigate. This includes changing the color scheme, layout, and introducing new graphics and icons to add visual appeal.

Additionally, I've improved character animations and made transitions smoother and more natural. I've also changed the placement of player name tags to make the game easier to play. I've improved the game's performance by disabling shadows cast by some lights, which makes the game loading process faster.

I've also made several improvements to maps by adding secrets to the Woods and Woods-Legacy maps, which should make gameplay more exciting. I've also introduced several new features, such as fireworks to celebrate March and a feature that allows players to move their heads up or down for a more realistic effect.

Furthermore, I've introduced new transition effects in the main menu and reduced the hitbox for custard to improve the fun factor. I've also improved the user interface, allowing for better display of information on the screen, and added the ability to display the LAN IP during debugging.

I'm incredibly grateful for your support and hope these changes will positively impact your gameplay experience. I'm committed to providing even more new features in the future, so stay tuned! Yes, Slendertubbies will receive patch updates! 

Full changelog:
  • Reorganized project file structure, which may cause some issues.
  • Improved character animation transitions.
  • Improved nametag placement.
  • Fixed issue that displayed nametag above the player's head in first-person view.
  • Simplified collision used for some props instead of complex.
  • Added some secrets to the Woods map.
  • Added some secrets to the Woods-Legacy map.
  • Improved performance by disabling minor lights from casting shadows.
  • Made minor map improvements.
  • Added a star next to the host's name tag.
  • Removed the term "host" from the chat window when referring to the host.
  • Added ambient sounds to the TubbyCamp map.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed "---Warning! Bots are experimental and glitched!---" when bots were disabled.
  • Decreased maximum server name length from 30 to 15 characters.
  • Fixed an issue with password-protected servers where passwords were being overwritten with another variable.
  • Fixed an issue that asked for a password on unprotected servers.
  • Fixed an issue with the lock display icon on protected servers.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed an invalid game version in the server browser.
  • Fixed issue with UI scaling.
  • Added new transition effect in main menu.
  • Added new blocking volume to Swamp map.
  • Po idle animation i now 60% slower.
  • Changed "Player customization" button localization.
  • Aligned "Game version" and "Player customization".
  • Added tiny spacer between icon and "Player customization".
  • Horizontally expanded the same widget, removing the gap at the bottom edge of the pause menu option.
  • Pause menu widgets are now horizontally aligned.
  • Debug HUD now shows LAN IP (useful for Lan parties)
  • Added fireworks to celebrate every march!
  • Bells sounds are now quieter.
  • Custard hitbox is smaller.
  • Added feature: player head movement while looking up/down.
  • Collision cone now ignores player mesh.
  • Redesigned deprecated feature: look backwards.
  • Launcher is now in TubbyLauncher folder.
  • Recompiled Launcher for .net6.0.
  • Added camera movement to player's previous eye level after defeat. 
  • Removed blocking volume that made impossible to collect all custards 
  • Removed stick models without invalid textures. 
  • Added new loading screen from TubbyCraft. 
  • Fixed an issue where mouse was hidden in main menu. 
  • Improved Nether portal textures


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