Update 1.3.3 New map and improvements

New lake map & improvements

Hello everyone! I want to share with you what brings update 1.3.3.

There have been many changes in this update. From characters to better textures. This is the last update to my game before Halloween. The patch period for the game I mentioned is slowly coming to an end. After November, I plan to release patches that fix major bugs play.

Along with this update, I am also introducing a surprise! The update will add a new version of the Lake map. The old Lake map will share the fate of the old forest.

You can get this wooden house model and textures on my discord server.

With additional information, I am considering releasing an edition of the game with high-resolution textures. Build will be pushed at new channel. There is none ETA now.

  • removed floating trees on Woods map
  • fixed AI players spawn
  • fixed infinity Waiting for players ui
  • added new tool tips
  • minor Loading screen ui changes
  • changed intro movie
  • added new loading screen
  • Toddbot is now louder
  • grass footstep sounds are now louder
  • sounds of footsteps can be heard from a greater distance
  • interfering models have been removed
  • improved AI player (it runs often :D)
  • added ambience for map Bunker
  • added new nicks
  • added some blocking volumes on tubbycraft map
  • added note about ai playes
  • added FPS counter in graphics settings tag
  • added lantern for woods legacy map
  • minor ui changes
  • ai players are now faster
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • select tubby menu is again aligned
  • removed strange pop-up glitch
  • change camera angle in main menu
  • lowered flashlight brightness
  • some changes in host menu
  • added some higher resolution textures
  • added lake map
  • improved random flashlight malfunction
  • old Lake map is called now "Lake (Legacy)"
  • added sand footsteps sound effect 
  • decreased water volume level


  • added Minimize button

Hotfix #1

  • restored  Tubycraft map


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Version 1.3.3 Aug 12, 2022

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