Hello everyone! This update finally fixes footseps volume issue and adds few interesting things. I have also removed unnused files, so game is littlebit lighter.

  • Added new nicks for AI players
  • Remy has used ImpostorAnimBP, now it is using proper one (Remy isn't sus anymore)
  • Players footsteps sounds should be now fixed
  • AI players footsteps are nowe replicated
  • AI teletubbies has improved footsteps (Dubby is excluded from changes)
  • Footsteps attenation settings has been improved
  • Improved offline help
  • Added loading screens
  • Added music volume settings
  • Improved sliders
  • o removed unnused files, so game is littlebit lighter


  -improved loading screen 

-added new tool tips 

-fixed some text lines


Slendertubbies 5 GB
Version Aug 06, 2022

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