• Improvements update

    • Sky on map Tubbycraft is now brighter
    • For unknown reason this map was home to statytubby (now it's random)
    • Select map now doesn't change it's size
    • Changed volume of ambience sound
    • Fixed custard model UV map
    • Added custard LOD
    • Removend unnecesarry verticles from custard model
    • Removed glowed model from custard
    • Improved custard material
    • Custard material glows now more
    • Added blocking volumes in map Swamp Wastelands
    • Improved a littlebit Dipsy AI
    • Added LOD's to some models
    • Removed forced 1k textures from some...textures


Slendertubbies 5 GB
Version Jul 25, 2022

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