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Why is this game 6GB?


because it has lots of high quality photo scans :D 

I'm working on reducing game size.



Next patch will reduce it to 4,5GB

ok, is it multiplayer?




ive played some horror games nothings ever made me almost fall off my chair

Glad to hear that


i was playing maze and all of a sudden a and i looked to the side and the teletubby got me well played! nice game btw

humans are canon in the slendytubbies lore

i love that game!

Glad to hear that!

seba what's your game then?

oh. it is your game sorry!! I didn't notice.

What do you mean?

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I was new to itchio so I never check the top corner i didn't know you made the game


I like the new update thank you, change the rating from 1 to 5. :)

Glad to hear that!

do you play together in servers on your discord?

a dancing teletubby.

i saw that camera shake

would a virtual machine stop viruses from going on the normal PC but it would put a virus on the virtual PC?

Things that happen on virtual stay on virtual. 

There is no need to use virtual machine, because my game Is virus free.

hey by the looks of this game and your comments it looks pretty funny but do you know if this game gives you a virus?

Usually antimalware software doesn't like files downloaded from internet .  You can try run my game on Virtual Machine &   skan it via  Malwarebytes. My game is virus free.

This is literally a Slendytubbies rip-off.

Really? Who told you that!? 🤫

this game would have been scary if the teletubbie dident get stuck in a tree. there could also be some improvements oon the footsteps since they have a bit of delay. 

Honestly, this looked very promising at first. But the amount of bugs, the fact that they all share the same scream, and a bunch of other nitpicks make me feel like it was terribly rushed.


can you make a browser virsion?


I can't find the last custard in the woods map, I spent hours but  no success, try to make the game beatable maybe.


I actually   jumped out of my chair   2 or 3 times playing this game. Great work !

haha thats fun

That took a while, I don't even know how I managed to find all of the custard, I felt like repeatedly I just kept missing some of them. It did not help that I kept avoiding areas as the image of the Slendertubbies appeared on the screen, really deterred me.

I feel like at the end of the game I was hunting the Slendertubbies, rather than they were hunting me, they seemed to occasionally get stuck on things. Still they each looked amazing and unique, it was amazing to see the effort placed into making each one stand out.

Nice game !

this game was okay< i enjoyed it

Played it for youtube fun game 

I can't download it? It just says "Failed - Forbidden"

me too

Try again using different browser


ele vai comer o meu cu mano

soy taco bell

Short lil fright game

Thankyou for the very funny if Janky game :D


Ok it took me 2 videos but,  I finally  won 1 round lol!!!!

this game was wold

I played Slendertubbies as part of the itch io Vault! Check out some gameplay here: 

Thank you!

it takes long to load but i haven't played it yet it's still loading so i will think it's a good game oh and make sure you check the logs because there something wrong with the game when i had it on my old laptop


how do you find a lan server?
also how do you figure out what the IP is

i can never find a sever

Game community is very tiny. There is small chance (honestly almost impossible) to find server:( In order to play multiplayer you must organise players  (like call friends ). 

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screams are annoying not scary 


falta poco para que se descargue!!!


probare el juego


Veerry scary :D

Thank you!


me want slendytubbies

Just click the download button  :D


This game topped my video off and made it the funniest thing ever.

can you play this on steam? or how does multiplayer with steam work? 


This video should help you with setting up serve and joining session.  If you have any questions about game , just let me know and I'll answer them.

The game is scary, just please remove the annoying image pop ups they get boring fast. Or add an option to disable it I cant even see where I am going.

Pop ups are still to often? Are you sure you are using 1.2.2? I've improved pop-up system. It should be 2-3 minutes delay.

good job. I'm glad you're still working on the project.

Thank you!

peepee poopoo

good game


Thank You!

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