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Did this mainly as a joke video but love the game!

yeah this is a ripoff


It literally says "Slendytubbies fangame"

I never saw that?

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Probe todos los MAPAS Y ESTA HERMOSO al igual que el multiplayer, no tuve ningun problema simplemente esta hermoso. Aqui el GAMEPLAY EN ESPAÑOL



if it was bad


i hope your game is good

so boring





i want play this

please help

seba why is this long download



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Thank you for creating god gift


this game is booty


Amazing game

Thank you!


even though you can download it for free imma pay for it because it deserves a donation 

really good game

Thank you!

How to play multiplayer Steam network mode?


Check out TubbyLauncher


It looks good

Bruh the game files


just  use tubbylauncher.

Or desktop app :)

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This game was brilliant! The laugh the tubbies have is creepy and when they chase you that scream frightened the life at me I have only had the chance to play on one map but I will be playing the others for sure what a great game. 

Thank you! There will be  special spooktober update . Make sure to vote :)




Castle Full Gameplay



Good game. I hope to update more maps. But there seems to be something wrong with the flashlight


Can you  explain ?

How to play multiplayer Steam network mode?


Check out video tutorial playlist

Is there any chance that a mac version will come?

I'm sorry I  have no  Mac device, so I can't even check is my game working  :(


Good game I guess I but  dark and scary for me

thats the whole point its literally a horror game

i used the web browser. so would it be better to get the itcio app?

Yes, it supports patches, and easy game launching.

Seba, quick question the new update you added would it automatically add the update to the version I downloaded already, or would I have to download it again to get the version

Have you downloaded game from Itch desktop app or from Web browser?

If you have used Itch app update should install automatically. If you have used Web browser than you have to download game again.

Keep in mind that Itch desktop app delivers smaller patches so you don't waste Internet transfer.

Have you seen any issues with my game? Let me know if yes and I'll fix them.

Why is this game 6GB?


because it has lots of high quality photo scans :D 

I'm working on reducing game size.



Next patch will reduce it to 4,5GB

ok, is it multiplayer?




ive played some horror games nothings ever made me almost fall off my chair

Glad to hear that


i was playing maze and all of a sudden a and i looked to the side and the teletubby got me well played! nice game btw

humans are canon in the slendytubbies lore

i love that game!

Glad to hear that!

seba what's your game then?

oh. it is your game sorry!! I didn't notice.

What do you mean?

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I was new to itchio so I never check the top corner i didn't know you made the game


I like the new update thank you, change the rating from 1 to 5. :)

Glad to hear that!

do you play together in servers on your discord?

a dancing teletubby.

i saw that camera shake

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